Saturday, 12 September 2009

Pulling out the old stuff!!

As I was saying in the last posts, I was digging through some old work for images to put up, and I was surprised by the stuff that I came across that I still liked, you know how it is after a week or two of looking at your work it starts looking shit!! The old artist spots some mistakes than the reader thing, or some other way of wording it which is wise and funny. So here a few more that I dug out, there from the constant working project- "Mithic" ( yes its 'I' not 'Y').
Straight outa the sketch pad on this one, it must be nearly two years old at this stage, and below the inks, this is from when I was going through me light boxing (sparring) phase to get the inks super clean and tidy.

This one I remember all to well drawing, as we were living in the other house at the time and the only table I had to draw on was a fracking coffee table, I tell ye, fuck brick laying or any other trade, you spend two days drawing on a coffee table your back will buckle- well especially when your a big string like meself!

I tried to put up the black and white one aswell but bloggers keeps telling me theres some error, so ill try and sort that out and get it up here.

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