Sunday, 27 September 2009

Red Hot Moon

(Wow ! It'll be a year since I did these !)

This was an attempt to a graphic adaptation of Red Hot Moon, a werewolf novel I was writing in the autumn of 2008 (and have put a hiatus on since then). I had a clear vision of the opening sequence, but with the little spare time I had then (squeezed between my full-time course at the Tech and my part-time job) and my lack of experience in digital illustration, I could come up with only a cover and 3 pages. I'm still proud of the result - and Derry's Halloween carnival has been a huge source of inspiration...

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Monday, 14 September 2009


I got the 60th post, woohoo,... ahhh, well i suppose theres no need for excitement, its not like there was anyone fighting me for the spot. (The above should be spoken in a father ted style voice.........yes you see, everythings better when father ted says it!) Hope Danny doesn't mind me putting up this recent stuff from our "hopefully" up and coming story. I really like this piece because, i actually digitally inked it!! I done me basic outline with a fine-liner then waited to get it into photoshop before i put any big blocks of black on it. Let me know what yous think??

Saturday, 12 September 2009

so I lied

Flat out the day on the posts, but I suppose I had to make up for the recent lack of. Just finished this piece and taking a leaf from johns book i just went at it with some photoshop brushes, its not greatly or tidily coloured but I think its dramatic, hopefully its not the few beers I have in me, but eh hope yous like it.

Just a glimpse

Heres a ink sketch i done today of the two main characters in a story ive been working on, hopefully if all goes well these two might make it into a story that will be published.

Pulling out the old stuff!!

As I was saying in the last posts, I was digging through some old work for images to put up, and I was surprised by the stuff that I came across that I still liked, you know how it is after a week or two of looking at your work it starts looking shit!! The old artist spots some mistakes than the reader thing, or some other way of wording it which is wise and funny. So here a few more that I dug out, there from the constant working project- "Mithic" ( yes its 'I' not 'Y').
Straight outa the sketch pad on this one, it must be nearly two years old at this stage, and below the inks, this is from when I was going through me light boxing (sparring) phase to get the inks super clean and tidy.

This one I remember all to well drawing, as we were living in the other house at the time and the only table I had to draw on was a fracking coffee table, I tell ye, fuck brick laying or any other trade, you spend two days drawing on a coffee table your back will buckle- well especially when your a big string like meself!

I tried to put up the black and white one aswell but bloggers keeps telling me theres some error, so ill try and sort that out and get it up here.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Still digging through the archives here! ha, archives, well its been a year collectees since we all first meet up as group, or a class then even. So heres the first page of the comic I done for the cadi course.

Just been going through some files on the computer here to see if I had anything half decent to stick up and I found this wee beaut! Actually done this few months back to put up, but for reasons I no longer remember didnt.
Two weeks!! you must understand that as i type this its with one hand as I repeatedly smack meself in the face with other. All the bitching I do about people not posting then I take a two week break, I need a good talking to!! know what I mean! Well I may aswell throw out the usual excuse, ive been while busy, baahhh. Anyway i'll try to remede the lack of post over the next few days. Heres one you've already seen but I've coloured her up a bit.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

NaNoWriMo 2009 - anyone interested ?

Hi guys,

I thought I could share a word with you on National Novel Writing Month (AKA NaNoWriMo).

For those who've never heard of it - it's a writing challenge that takes place every november and the challenge consists in writing a 50,000 word-novel in 30 days. It sounds mad but believe me, it's feasible - I managed to achieve this incredible score last year even with a full-time course at the Tech and a part-time job. It's not a contest - there are no winners and losers, no prizes (apart from the incredible satisfaction of having written a full novel !). It's the ultimate kick in the butt, the opportunity to fight writing procrastination - with a lot more fun !

Everyone knows writing is a solitary experience but NaNoWriMo makes it a collective one as you can join a worldwide community on the website All you need to do is register and make yourself a profile. There are also forums where you can share tips, feelings, frustrations, etc. Joining is free, although donations are welcome. Local meetings also take place and Derry is also included. The Nanowrimo website has regional forums but you can also ask me.

As for the novel you want, it can be about absolutely anything. Since the challenge is more about quantity than quality, it's OK if your writing is crappy - you don't have to publish your stuff and have it read by other people. It's all about finishing a first draft by the end of november - you have all the rest of the year to edit and polish your work.

I've already done Nanowrimo twice and am doing it again this year. As we are all storytellers in this collective, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to join me in the noveling madness.

Just leave a comment or mail me if you're interested.