Thursday, 30 July 2009

Finally someone thats not gio!

Heres a drawing - BANG!

And heres another...

Monday, 27 July 2009

wats the haps people. Took a bita break there from posting stuff but i'm going to remede that by attempting the worlds largest blog entry!! The first couple of pics here are of good old bats, and the swamp thing. These are the first pics ive done with brush ink and ink only, no pencil outlines or anything! yes i am quite proud of that factor.

This next picture is of Xon, i done a painting based on him a few weeks back and after seeing it both danny and I decided that he was far too much like Dr Manhatton. So I wanted to try out some basic changes to see if I would draw him away from John. I like this pic cause it has few different medium used in it, but now I think hes starting to look like a blue silver surfer! Ah wat can ye do, we'll get him right eventually!!

As you's may know i've been working on a project, or rather we have been. I got the first draft of the script there other day and started doing out some the scenes, these arent actually going to be any of the panels there were more as reference for meself, plus its the first proper adult story we've even attempted so I could pass up the chance to draw some naked ladies!!

And finally, for anyone out there that knows me you will know ive been trying to get myself up to a more professional level, in both skills and speed at which i do stuff. So last week i decided to see if i could get a page finished in a day to a good standard,....well its got text an all!! Its the first page of a story i came up with solely for this purpose, so if anyone would like to see more of it then leave a comment and ill see what i can do.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Hey, whats happening?

What up folks, I'm just wanted to leave a wee message here to let yous know that I will be posting something shortly. I've gotten completed sucked into this project and i'm trying to get all the boring stuff outa the way like data sheets and locations. I'd put them up but you'd probly never come back because of how bored you'd be looking at them!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Meet Vinny, well not really, cause none of the characters im working on at the minute are set in stone yet. I like the simplicity of this characters face, sometimes I try to put to much details into the face and it just ends up just looking wrong. The clothings probably going to change over the next few days. Tomorrow I should up another character- "Junior", stay tuned for more updates!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Page 4

I know I said I'd put this up awhile back but, im quite forgetful so im using that as me excuse this time. This will probably be the last page from this story I'll get to do for a few weeks as I'm about to start into a bigger project. I'll put up some of the character studies I'm working on over the next few days and maybe a panel or two but it will all depend on wether its spoiler worthy or not.

Monday, 13 July 2009

My Doctor!!

As an avid Doctor who fan I thought it about time I drew him. So here ye go, done it A5 as most things these days, and coloured using foto-shoppy, thanks to good old D'isreali and his colour holes magic I managed to colour the pin stripes and all-hooray!

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Im just contradicting meself from yesterdays post, scared of colour. Puh!I bitch slapped that fear the day. Was hungover there up until about two hours ago, just decided to do another painting see if it sorts the head out, and im telling ye there must be some sorta air born ibuprofen in them acrylic paints they ain't tell us about cause now, shazam and im happy daisies agian. The picture itself is sorta based on a character called Xon, who finds the center of the cosmos and as you would expect if you found it yourself, madness insues.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

I finally got round to doing a bit of painting again, I'm some what scared of colour when it comes to painting cause its just so easy to wreck it, well that's what I think anyway. Sorry about the quality of this image, couldn't scan it cause its like twice A1 so had to get a picture, shakey hand and all.


My favourite murderer, "toe-cutter", stand over man and general bad bastard, Mr Mark "Chopper" Read. I never knew of chopper until about a year or two ago when my brother showed me the chopper film with Eric Bana-awesome actor. After seeing it I had to know more and now on the bookcase I have seven of his books. The guy has this amazing humour that nearly justifies his viciousness, and he was actually a bit of a robin hood! He believed himself to be a vigilante, he only killed scum that deserved it. If you don't know who hes is look him up and watch the film!

Monday, 6 July 2009

Gotta love those vector lines!!

Im being a bit of a cheat today and putting up something ive had on the computer awhile. This is a character Danny came up with called "Zener", and I just exploded with him, still to date one of favourite characters we've came up with. But your going to have to wait and read-"The God Conunderum"-to find out why he's so fracking cool!! Another reason im putting it up is because its the only thing ive drawn solely digital, and with a mouse!! But as the title says.....

Sunday, 5 July 2009

"Lets flip for it"

As sad as it seems, I felt slightly dissapointed it took me a week to get anything up here, so two posts in one day- why not, eh? I done this Two Face sketch earlier the day and just finished colouring it, nothing fancy, the yellows eyes were an accident but i quite liked them so they got to stay.Hooray!!

Double wammy

Me whole idea of trying to put something up here every day or two was blown to shit this week! But i must say it wasn't because of laziness just had other things to do. But i did get some drawing done this week, I continued on the weird "late night inspiriation" page just to see where it would go. Its good craic now doing a story that you have no story for! , just letting each panel you draw lead to, well anywhere really. The top one is page two, and below that, yeah you guessed it page three. No colour this time just pencils, still working a5, thinking of getting them blown up though and getting the inks out, I'll put them up if I get round to it. Im half way through page 4 aswell so it will probably be up the marra.