Sunday, 5 July 2009

Double wammy

Me whole idea of trying to put something up here every day or two was blown to shit this week! But i must say it wasn't because of laziness just had other things to do. But i did get some drawing done this week, I continued on the weird "late night inspiriation" page just to see where it would go. Its good craic now doing a story that you have no story for! , just letting each panel you draw lead to, well anywhere really. The top one is page two, and below that, yeah you guessed it page three. No colour this time just pencils, still working a5, thinking of getting them blown up though and getting the inks out, I'll put them up if I get round to it. Im half way through page 4 aswell so it will probably be up the marra.

1 comment:

  1. epic view in this 2nd page when there in the elevator.