Sunday, 16 January 2011

Creative Suicide

Hey guys, I just wanted to post here and see if any of you would be up for contributing towards a charity book. Its being put together by Stephen Coffey in aid of Suicide, Ive already contributed one peiece and am intending on doing another. Basically do a piece showing someone Killing themselves in the most creative way you can. If yous are interested contact him by email, or contact him through facebook
Please consider it lads, its a good cause. You can see some examples of the peices already contributed on his facebook page.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Just in time for more snow!

Was busy over Christmas so didnt get time do something christmasish and childhoody but started a quick one the other night! I was going to have the caption along the lines of "Tigger always was a bit of a c**t" but thought it best to keep it pc!

As for the new year, best to do something completely fresh, I really need to go for more dramatic perspective! trying to draw Bambi was interesting as I had'nt drawn animals in a while! Love the christmas pics lads!