Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Yes lads...

....Hope yous all had a good crimbo and will have a good new year. I just wanted to stick up a wee post here to see what our plans are for the new year. Any suggestions stick them in the comments plz.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Check this out......

Neil Colquhoun, is a Scottish storyteller, creator of 'Frank', he is a dreamer, night owl, tea-drinker and writer of hybrid horror/ thriller/ sci-fi tales . Frank is a short free novella now in podcast/ audio-book format. 

Frank, a mysterious bounty hunter gets more than he bargained for in his latest assignment. Becoming mixed up in the beginnings of a gang war, he has to contend with a team of hit-men, who are not like your
usual guns-for-hire!
It’s a story about a a bounty hunter, a dead-but-alive hitman partnered with an alive-but-should-be-dead criminal, an escort girl, a man who has a taste for something bad… and the Devil!

Check out the promo by clicking here

For all 7 parts go to his site at and don't forget to comment and let him know what you think.

Monday, 6 December 2010


I wanted to get this done yesterday and up, but I caught a terrible morgan spice flu! Its un-finished but ill fix that in the next day. My third story for 'talesofthe' went online yesterday, it's a 10 page christmas horror-as thats the theme this month called "May all your wishes come true" You can check it out by clicking here.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Gio i did have a peace to put up this was it...... just didnt have time to put it up till now. I was going of a coimic book character and something funny to do with christmans because shaun asked me to do somthing christmasy lol so this is what i came up with and it can work aswell bacause i always liked the joker when i was younger to birds with one stone happyday lol

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Had to be, and still is in my opinion the greatest cartoon ever. I remember being really young and jumping around the sofa at around 5.30 to the sound, you know the one- baaaa-daaaa-dat-da-dad-a-da- except much better than that collection of vowels and consonants, then bang the bank would blow up! aaahhh good times, good times.
Well anyways, heres my really quick colour sketch. This started out with the intention of being my first digital painting, but I found it quite a bit harder than I expected so it became more graphical. I wouldnt be surprised if theres more animated series pieces from me...

New theme....

I was hoping John would have left a new theme for us but saying he hasn't I shall decide,....and it is...........childhood cartoon characters!