Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Ive finished off the pic I put up yesterday and added some colour. Im probably going on abit about this graphics tablet, but today was the first time I properly enjoyed colouring anything. It just makes it seem so much more natural, especially comparing it to a mouse. But anything, here you go.....

Cohen headshot, I was funking around with some of the cross hatching brushes and stuff there earlier so thought id put it up.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

pre-new years resolutions!!

I've been meaning to get back to posting stuff here, I just got into a bit of rut there recently, being a lazy that is. Well no excuses now, for christmas the wonderful holly got me a graphics tablet which is-saahhhhwwweeettt!!! So now that alot of my work will be on the computer ive no reason to not put stuff up.

I really expected the change to graphics tablet to be a long tidious one, but its not!! You can be rough, it doesnt matter, easier to tidying up, it just, rocking. I in no way have have mastered it, but after only four days of using it I'm feeling pretty comfortable with it. The first drawing here was the last one i done out of about 6 or 7, just trying to get used to using the tablet with photoshop, was quiet pleased with it.
This one I done today on manga studio- what a program!!- if your drawing on the computer get the free 30 day trial of manga studio, the difference is unreal. I only got it what, about 9 hours ago, and this is one of the things i got done.

A friend and viewer of ze bloggski sent us an email with this guys blog in it, its pretty cool, check it out-

Sunday, 20 December 2009

More of Red Hot Moon (in SD, this time)

Hi there! I know - long time no post, but I still follow you ;)

After one month of noveling frenzy, I got back to digital drawing and have just completed my first effort with Adobe Illustrator.

These two guys are Rory and Callum Madden, the main characters from my werewolf story Red Hot Moon. I did them in SD and in vibrant colours as I wanted a bit of fun with them (and fight winter blues), yet their world is actually much much darker. I'll post more serious chara designs later... :)