Tuesday, 29 December 2009

pre-new years resolutions!!

I've been meaning to get back to posting stuff here, I just got into a bit of rut there recently, being a lazy that is. Well no excuses now, for christmas the wonderful holly got me a graphics tablet which is-saahhhhwwweeettt!!! So now that alot of my work will be on the computer ive no reason to not put stuff up.

I really expected the change to graphics tablet to be a long tidious one, but its not!! You can be rough, it doesnt matter, easier to tidying up, it just, rocking. I in no way have have mastered it, but after only four days of using it I'm feeling pretty comfortable with it. The first drawing here was the last one i done out of about 6 or 7, just trying to get used to using the tablet with photoshop, was quiet pleased with it.
This one I done today on manga studio- what a program!!- if your drawing on the computer get the free 30 day trial of manga studio, the difference is unreal. I only got it what, about 9 hours ago, and this is one of the things i got done.

A friend and viewer of ze bloggski sent us an email with this guys blog in it, its pretty cool, check it out- http://chiustream.blogspot.com

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