Monday, 8 November 2010


My first wee submission for the 2d collective so I wanted to try something a little outa my comfort zone! I had intended to have a 2nd character in frame but manga men are hard to do without making them look like 12yr girls! the only thing I cant take credit for is the nose art decal which I pinched off the net :-) Hope you like!

Oh Gio mentioned about choosing a theme for this week, what are peoples thoughts on parasites? haha!



  1. No bother to ye lad! Full on piece first day, really like this, especially the girl, love the colouring on her. And I know what you mean about 12 yr old boy manga girls, there a nightmare!!
    Parasites you say, hmmmm, you mean like mad crazy alien creature looking thingys?

  2. well however you want to depict it ala species/splice or completely gory like the thing!

  3. will do....actually Ill begin rite now! Random weird thing coming rite up!!