Sunday, 31 October 2010

Welcome welcome....

We have a new member- Shaun Whoriskey. A Derry man and a hell of an artist in both 2d and 3d forms. I'm quite pleased to have Shaun join us as it almost feels like we started drawing together, way back in primary one- he drew dinosaurs and I drew guys with weapons. Ahh good times. You can check out some of his stuff over on his own blog by clicking here

We'll keep these theme weeks going, from monday to monday, we'll let manga run until the 7th then Shaun can pick the next theme and we'll rotate it about, coolio?

If there's any other Northern Irish artist out there and would like to contribute shout us an email, address at the side there.  


  1. really like the sound of this lad hope we can keep it up try and get as many people as we can on here

  2. to rite lad! get abit of critiquing going, it will keep us working aswell, and im looking forward to a few random themes!!

  3. Cheers lad :D I still love dinosaurs! haha