Saturday, 9 January 2010


.....well not really, i never really liked the whole zombie eat brain things, was never that into zombies neither until i read 'i am legended', buzz of that book read it at least four times, the films about 1% if even of the content of the book. It puts a bit of believable science behind the myth, rocking.
But anyway this will be the last thing i show of this reseige/zombie themed stuff - what started out as me just trying to figure out manga studio, has taken upon itself to be become a full on story, that was nice of it wasn't it. So this is the pencilled page, done digitally and took a heck of a long time, without a doubt the most people ive tried to draw in one scene.
When i was doing it i just kept thinking about the avengers breakout, cause ever single panel is a full on crowd scene, how the hell your man (its bendis or finch cant remember which one draws) can do that shit!!

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  1. Brilliant.Your artwork improves drastically with each new one.You can tell you are doing a lot of practising.