Sunday, 18 October 2009


Ive been reading some of the new avengers and remembered that i used to love drawing the art in comic when i was younger so I gave it a go here, straight up copying but it reminded me of the simpler times!!

These two pages where from mithic again, just done them as a way of locking the idea down, they must be two years old at this stage but it seems that the inking i was originally doing is actually what ive resorted back these days.
page 2 wasnt completly finished but you'll get the idea.

I'm completely cheating with these posts, this stuff here is again about 2 years old. When i get an idea of something whether it be a character or a story i tend to do a collage effect of images, i guess it just helps me get to grips with it more.


  1. Although I have seen the war story pages before they still blow me away,so much detail,I couldn't do it!

  2. cheers man, but really its just using photo reference.